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Another brilliant addition to the list of best VPNs for India. This time UpperSafe VPN for PC is the topic of discussion. UpperSafe VPN is developed by the France based company known making tools for smartphones and Computers. They made their debut in growing catalog of VPN in the world. Uppersafe VPN comes to existence with fresh content, latest techniques, and advanced Plugins. This VPN is available on a wide range of operating systems. As this VPN is newly launched so servers are not excessive in quantity. But the developers are still adding more servers every day.UpperSafe VPN for PC

What aspect makes UpperSafe VPN distinguished from competitors?

Usually, we see all top rated VPN apps offer just a trial period of 1 Week. Right after the time limit, those VPN tools required heavy charges for further usage. UpperSafe VPN is honest with its work. Developers of this tool believe in quality services. That’s why the kept the trial period time limit to 30 days. Users have a whole month to test this VPN. This time is enough to decide either this VPN deserves to be subscribed or not.



As compare to NordVPN for PC, ExpressVPN for PC or IPVansih for PC, UpperSafe VPN for PC doesn’t make a position in trending. Even regular VPN users have heard this VPN name for the first time. Among all VPN for India apps, this app has the cheapest rate. On the other hand, the services level overcome the cost. When you try useless VPN apps there is no encumbrance in trying this 100% working, effective and efficient tool. Unblock the sites which are restricted in your regions. Stream movies and shows on Netflix or Kodi because this VPN is best for streaming videos.

UpperSafe VPN Pricing:

UpperSafe VPN subscription offers are a little bit different from others. They classified subscriptions values according to download speed and time. Check which UpperSafe VPN Package suits you. Basic, Express and Premium classes, select one and proceed further.

UpperSafe VPN Pricing
Basic Plan Express Plan Premium Plan






Low Speed

Bandwidth: 1 Mbps

High Speed

Bandwidth: 10 Mbps

Ultra High Speed

Bandwidth: 100 Mbps

We were talking about pricing, so we must discuss the mode of payments accepted by UpperSafe VPN. Following are the sources through which we can pay for UpperSafe VPN subscriptions.

UpperSafe VPN Features:

  • Uppersafe VPN is very easy to Use. I have a good internet connection so I was able to download UpperSafe VPN in less than a minute.
  • Account based operations, every person have an individual profile. So, it’s easy for the complaint and gets your issue resolved within no time.
  • Separate Plugin available for Google Chrome users. Don’t need to download it,  just control it on the browser while working.
  • Best VPN for Kodi.
  • Best VPN for Netflix.
  • Strong encryptions according to the nature of your work, 128-bit PPTP, 256-bit L2TP, and 2048-bit OpenVPN.

How to Install UpperSafe VPN for PC

Installing UfferSafe VPN by just typing query is difficult. People get confused while searching for downloading source of UpperSafe. Actually, this VPN is an open source firewall. You can download and install UpperSafe VPN from Github. Click on below button to visit download UpperSafe VPN page.

  1. Download UpperSafe VPN from Download button above.
  2. Install UpperSafe VPN on Windows, Procedure to Install UpperSafe is similar to installing any other Windows software. Click on the downloaded UpperSafe VPN file.
  3. Click on Run and allow the software to make changes in your Computer.

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