Download SaferVPN for PC, Windows 10 & Mac OS X

Some VPN is best for Windows & Mac and some are perfectly made for Android & iOS. Then, there are few VPN apps which are highly reputed and equally brilliant on all compatible operating systems. SaferVPN is one of those VPN apps who never gets failed to complete expectations of users especially the subscribers. Today we will guide you on how to download and Install SaferVPN for PC in different ways. The procedures are applicable to Windows and Mac devices. Discussion includes the SaferVPN features, quality of service and pricing. In the end, we will demonstrate guides to download SaferVPN for Laptop, desktop or whatever PC you have.

Safer VPN for PC

SaferVPN Services:

  1. SaferVPN is versatile and accommodates all type of VPN users. Unblocking is the most noteworthy purpose of SaferVPN or any other VPN. So for unblocking this VPN offers the fastest Servers of thousands of locations.
  2. “Privacy must be uncompromisable” Outside from Asian countries, people use SaferVPN just to make their privacy uninterruptible. SaferVPN hides IP address for free users and replaces IP with a new one for subscribers.
  3. Security is also an important thing for any device. Smartphone and PCs contain personal data of users. So it’s necessary to secure them from malware, viruses, and hacking, etc. SaferVPN offers some serious strong security measurements to keep our device secure.

SaferVPN Features:

  • Make saved password secure and safe with strong bank-level encryptions. One of the strongest grades of VPN encryptions ever. Its 256-bit level encryption for data protection.
  • Secures device on Public WiFis and Hotspots. Prevents hackers from attack from using FTP tricks and loopholes.
  • It’s best for streaming videos. Users can use Apps like Hotstar, JioTV, Netflix, Kodi anywhere.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is a big relaxation given by SaferVPN. Moreover, location switching with connection breaking and speed is also unlimited.
SaferVPN Pricing
Monthly Plan Yearly Plan 2 Years Plan
12.95$ /month 5.49$/month




Money Back Guarantee for 30 days

Download SaferVPN for PC:

It’s easy to get SaferVPN for PC from the official site. SaferVPN name doesn’t match with any other VPN name so much, so the browser can pick the name easily. The best way to download SaferVPN for PC is through the official site and the second one is from Microsoft Windows store. By the way, we especially prepared a button for you, its the SaferVPN.exe file latest version click on it.

First Method: Install SaferVPN for PC from VPN for India:

We have prepared a download SaferVPN for PC button for our viewers. This version of SaferVPN for Windows is present on our Drive, click on below button to download it.

  1. Download SaferVPN from button.
  2. Run the SaferVPN .exe file, Allow the software to make changes in your computer.
  3. Open the SaferVPN app from desktop and get connected with the desired location.

Second Method: Install through Official Website:

The most efficient way to install SaferVPN for PC from the official website. Through this method, you can also see the SaferVPN for Windows pricing.

  1. Visit the URL “”.
  2. Click on the Download for Windows and it will start downloading the setup.exe file automatically.
  3. After it follows the 2nd 3rd steps of the first method.

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