Robo VPN For PC, Laptop (Windows & Mac)

Robo VPN serves as the best alternative to VPN Robot For PC. This internet tool is delivered for users who want full online privacy & security over the internet. The most beneficial of this app is that it’s a no log VPN facility. So there is no chance a user can be bothered by online bullies because they will never know where to look for a particular person. Likewise, users can trust this application to perform their confidential online activities, because no one can take a peek inside your private online activities. That’s why, in our article here, we will tell you how to download & install Robo VPN For PC using Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac.

Why Robo VPN?

Robo VPN is an easy-to-use VPN application which provides all of its services for free. There are no in-app purchases, so all of the proxy servers are also available for free. As it is a simply designed app, users are only required to click once on the connect button to start surfing the internet privately. A great part of the deal is that there are plenty of proxy servers available for you. All of such servers provide a fast internet connection, but you can choose anyone as you prefer to do so. Though, for a quality connection, it’s better if you stick with the recommended proxy server.

Robo VPN For PC

Benefits of Robo VPN

There are millions of users who want a fake IP address because it serves as the best way to hide your online identity. With the help of variant proxy servers, users can get a fake IP as well as hide their online identity. It’s a fact that each server comes with a different IP according to its location. With this facility, users can also change the way search terms are delivered to them. Even inside the websites, they can collect numerous gifts & deals which are online provided for a specific location. Furthermore, if you are trying to play a game with better performance, Robo VPN will help you claim such a reward.

Unblocking Online Restrictions

Robo VPN serves best for those who want to unblock local network restrictions. Things which are blocked by the government or geographical restrictions, they will become available at the doorstep of your device. So, you will become able to access all of your favorite websites & social media apps securely & privately. As I mentioned earlier, its a no-log VPN, so your ISP agents will not be able to monitor you while surfing the internet.

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Guide To Download & Install Robo VPN For PC (Windows & Mac)

In order to download & install Robo VPN For PC, users are required to use the services of Android emulators. It’s because there is no official version of Robo VPN For Windows & Mac. That’s why we at VPNForIndia have decided to deliver our users with the best and the easiest to download the app on PC. The simplest way to get familiar with Android emulators is by installing them on your device. Basically, these programs are produced for users who want to emulate Android apps on a computer. So without wasting any further of your time, let’s take you to the guide to download & install the app on your Computer.

Robo VPN For Windows

Downloading & Installing Robo VPN For Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

  • First of all, download & install an Android emulator on a computer. (BlueStacksNoxPlayer & Memu)
  • After it is installed, run it and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once you get to the main interface of the software, locate & open Play Store.
  • Now search for Robo VPN inside the play store and open your desired app.
  • It’s time you install Robo VPN For PC by clicking once on the install button.
  • In a couple of seconds, the app will be installed and when it’s done, you will be able to open it from its icon appearing on the home screen of the emulator.


Robo VPN is best for users who want a fully secure & private VPN app. As there are many free proxy servers inside the app, most of them do not provide you with fast speed internet. I find the Netherlands, America & UK as the best servers which provide quality services. Though, other servers are also good because they do provide all the basic VPN services and you get a fake IP address. Furtherly, we recommend you to download Robo VPN For PC because of its so many beneficial services.

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