OpenTun VPN For PC Download (Windows & Mac)

First AnonyTun and now OpenTun VPN, both apps are well known to users who are familiar with SSH/UDP/TCP protocols. Now, just like TLS Tunnel For PC, users are access TLS protocols in OpenTun VPN. So you see, its a great relief for those who want to access blocked online content. Most of the internet users know that VPN tunneling apps are a little complicated to access. But in OpenTun VPN For PC, users can access VPN tunneling without a hassle. This application is used to deliver hopes into users who don’t know how to use such tunneling protocols virtual private networks.

About OpenTun VPN

A great number of internet users are willing to find apps which offer VPN tunneling. Its because most of the free VPN apps who say they will protect their user’s identity but they don’t. Such VPNs only give access to blocked websites but does nothing else. So now the makers of AnonyTun For PC, they have decided to deliver us with an amazing internet tool known as OpenTun VPN For PC. This app is not an ordinary VPN but it does have to offer a lot to an internet user. Similarly, plenty of users who are desperately in need of TCP/SHL tunneling, they can now use this application easily.

OpenTun VPN For PC

As a tunneling protocols app, OpenTun VPN comes with a simple design app interface. Another great thing about the application is its ability to provide multiple proxy servers to its users. Like many among us are familiar with the name of OpenVPN connect for PC, such application works well only for those who want to bypass geographical restrictions. But in OpenTun VPN For PC, users can stay private and access any online content without getting targeted by cybercriminals.

Is OpenTun VPN For PC really Necessary?

There is a wide range of internet users who surf the internet on a daily purpose. Most of them visit such websites which they know are not safe. Many say that if they are live streaming videos, then why should they get a VPN? Well, mostly hackers lookout for users who only come watch movies & Tv shows. It’s because hackers know that such users mostly do not care for their online privacy & security. So yes, if you want to say protected while surfing the internet, OpenTun VPN For PC is really necessary.

Full Guides:

Free Download – OpenTun VPN For PC, Laptop & MacBook

OpenTun VPN is only available on Google Play Store. Sadly, there is no official version of OpenTun VPN For Windows & Mac. So in order to install it on a computer, users are required to hire free services of Android emulators. These free software help users access Android apps & game on PC conveniently. There are two different ways to access Android applications through such programs. We will talk about them and will also tell you how to install OpenTun VPN For PC in the guide below:

OpenTun VPN For Windows

Start Installing OpenTun VPN For Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac

  • First of all, install an Android emulator on your computer. (BlueStacksNoxPlayerMemu)
  • After installation, run it and complete the startup forums.
  • From the home interface of the software, locate & access Play store.
  • Now in the Play store, type OpenTun VPN in the search bar & press enter.
  • Click once on the install button and let the app install in peace.
  • In a couple of seconds, OpenTun VPN For PC will be ready for you to access.


OpenTun VPN is good for every internet user. This VPN app focuses on delivering two basic services to its users. One service is to allow users access blocked websites & social media apps. The other one is to stay private, no matter where they are. Though the proxy servers are limited, for basic VPN services they all work well. Moreover, there are no in-app purchases but you may have to face some online ads. So here at VPN For India, we recommend you install OpenTun VPN For PC.

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