Kiwi VPN For PC, Windows 10 & Mac

VPN facilities are the best source to hide a user’s online identity. Because of so many cybercrime threats, VPN services have become a mandatory precaution for internet users. Likely, Kiwi VPN app is the one to deliver you with safety services on the internet. Sadly, this beneficial application is delivered only for smartphones. That’s why, I will introduce a Tip/Trick to download & install Kiwi VPN For PC, Windows 7/8/10 & Mac. Firstly, let’s have a short overview of the app.

Kiwi VPN

Kiwi VPN is an internet facility which allows users to hide their online identity. This app is famous because it comes with multiple proxy servers which you may not find in any other VPN app. The most famous proxy locations are from the USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore and so on. The availability of multiple proxy servers is a good thing because it helps you to access anything you want that’s for sure available on the internet.

Kiwi VPN For PC

App Design

This app is designed in a simple and easy to understand way. Users who have no knowledge of manually setting a VPN, they can easily start acquiring the services of this app. Likely, after the installation of the app, there is no need for you to register or login to get VPN services. Just tap once on the kiwi connect button and you are good to go.

Stay Secure & Private

With Kiwi VPN, it has become possible for an individual to hide his IP address online. Such a facility is delivered with the help of multiple proxy servers. After a user has started a successful connection with the app, the selected proxy server allows him to hide his online identity. It delivers a user with a fake IP address, resulting in the removal of online footsteps.

Bypass Online Censorship

Now the users of Kiwi VPN, they can easily bypass online censorship. Access all the websites and social media apps which are blocked in their country. Access websites to live stream videos or to download them. Connect with their friends & family members around the globe. Do whatever they like to do so because now they will be bothered by online restrictions.

Kiwi VPN Substitutes:


Kiwi VPN Summary

Kiwi VPN works well for individuals who want total privacy as well as security on the internet. It delivers you with a variety of free proxy servers which you cannot find in any other VPN app. Furtherly, the app does have online ads which you can get rid of by buying the premium services. Though, its good to have your internet connection safe through an app like that.  Download Kiwi VPN App

How To Download & Install Kiwi VPN For PC – Windows 10 & Mac

As mentioned above, Kiwi VPN is a mobile-only app. So in order to install Kiwi VPN For PC, users need to acquire the services of an Android Emulator. Such programs are developed for Windows PC and Mac devices. Users can install such software to download Android apps on PC. Furtherly, the most compatible Emulators available in the market are listed below:

Kiwi VPN For Windows

Steps To Get Kiwi VPN For Windows 10 & Mac

  • Download & install an Android Emulator of your choice from the above list.
  • When installed, open it and follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the home interface.
  • Now locate and open the Google Play Store.
  • Access Kiwi VPN in the Play Store.
  • Once there, click on the install button and wait until it completes the process.
  • After the successful installation of Kiwi VPN For PC, you will be able to access it from the icon available at the home interface.

That’s it, enjoy.

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