Download Hotspot VPN for PC, Windows – Mac

Hotspot VPN is a new addition to the VPN family. Don’t get confused this Hotspot VPN is different from the mighty Hotspot Shield VPN. The student has no comparison with the teacher. Name of this app seems to be inspired by the world famous tool. Hotspot VPN is good for light use. It performs all functions which VPN app should. In this tutorial, we will discuss app features and will guide our users on how to download HotSpot VPN for PC.


We all know the major reason behind downloading any VPN app is unblocking. There are also other purposes but most prominent is breaking the regional boundaries and overwhelming internet geographical restrictions. Hotspot VPN is capable of connecting your device with different countries locations. USA, UK and many others are available. Moreover, we can use apps like Hotstar anywhere, although they are only working in India. HotSpot VPN is surely one of the best VPN for India.

Privacy Look After:

Privacy is an important aspect, every VPN users must consider it while installing a VPN. When we access prohibited platform in our region, this VPN hides our IP and replace it with fake IP. Due to this, our country Cyber regulators can’t trace internet activities. Hence! we are secure.

Strong Security Measurements:

While we are using Public WiFi and Hotspots, our smartphone internal data is maybe at high risk. Nearby hacker can steal personal data using FTP tweaks and manipulations. Secondly, not all websites and apps are SSL secured. Visiting these sites can push malware and viruses forcefully to our device. Hotspot VPN protects device OS from that malware and restrict them from inserting in a device.

Other Features:

  • Hotspot VPN has a user-friendly interface.
  • Switching between servers is easy without disconnection.
  • One tap access to establish a connection and disconnecting.
  • No lengthy procedures of registration.
  • Free to use on one device for a lifetime but servers will be limited.

Hotspot VPN for PC

How to Download Hotspot VPN for PC:

Hotspot VPN downloading on Windows directly is not possible. Because there is no official version of Hotspot VPN for PC, Windows, Mac, etc. We can download Hotspot VPN on Windows 10 and previous version indirectly. In order to accomplish this task, we are required assistance of software known as Android emulator. There are many best Android emulators for Windows available on the internet. We are picking BlueStacks due to its speed, stability and work efficiency.

Download BlueStacks from the above button. It is the latest version of BlueStacks present on Google Drive. File Size is above 300 MB so of course, you need to show patience for a few minutes.

Next step is the installation of BlueStacks like any other software for Windows. Click on the downloaded setup file. Now click on Run option and allow the software to make changes in your computer.

Once BlueStacks installed, open the emulator. Select suitable Language. Connect the WiFi with an emulator to complete further things.

Enter Google Account (ID & Password) which is already in use. If someone doesn’t own any Google Account click on Create New Account option present just below forum.

BlueStacks Home Screen will appear now. Click on the My Apps option present at the top left. At the next step, click on System Apps and open Google Play app here.

• Search for the Hotspot VPN on Google Play and install it. Remember this HotSpot VPN is developed by HotspotVPN 2019.

Alternative VPN Apps:

• Nord VPN for PC,

• Express VPN for PC,

• Turbo VPN for PC,

• Yoga VPN for PC.



Not doubt Hotspot VPN can’t compete with VPN tycoons like Turbo VPN, Yoga VPN, VPN Monster, etc. As we have said this VPN is not for professional work. People can use this VPN for entertainment, for example, connect with India through VPN hotspot to watch famous shows on Hotstar App.

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