GO VPN For PC – Free on Windows & iMac

GO VPN is a beneficial tool which makes your internet connection safe and private. It helps users to get a secure connection which is fully protected by cybercriminal threat. Likewise, now you can download GO VPN for PC on Windows 10, 8, 7 & Mac. This way you could have a free unlimited VPN for Windows PC & iMac. In here, we will talk about GO VPN application and then take you to the guide to install GO VPN For Windows PC or iMac.

GO VPN Proxy Master

It is unacceptable to compromise our online privacy. GO VPN knows that and makes sure that you get to have a safe pathway to surf the internet. It provides you with strongly encrypted VPN tunnels, making it impossible for any third-party users to monitor your online activities. Likely, there are plenty of reasons why should get GO VPN For PC. For instance, to stay away from cybercriminals to avoid becoming a victim of online malware like Ransomware. Though it is easy to use the application, you only need to tap once on the Go button and your connection gets secured instantly. Furthermore, there are no subscription charges and even you do not have to register at all.


Multiple Proxy Locations

There are plenty of locational proxy servers for users inside the app. All of the proxy servers are useful to hide your online identity. Basically, from the moment you connect with the app, it helps you get a fake IP address to surf the internet. The provided IP is according to the proxy server you choose. Like if you select a proxy of Netherlands, your IP will be like and it will allow you to stay away from online hackers.

Access Whatever You Like

GO VPN For PC knows what you want the most from the internet. It helps you to access websites & social media applications which are blocked on the local network. Access whatever you like without any hassle. After you are connected with the app, go visit any of the online portals and use social media apps even if you are in the UAE. Live stream videos or download them, do as you prefer to do so.

GO VPN Alternatives:


GO VPN Summary

GO VPN is a totally free internet facility which requires no registration process. Though there will be some online ads provided to users, they are worth it if you get to have so many beneficial services without spending a penny. Likely, you can use it while connected to a public or industrial WiFi. Basically, when you want to stay anonymous. DOWNLOAD GO VPN App DOWNLOAD GO VPN App

Download Free – GO VPN For PC (Windows & Mac)

Here comes a tricky part, there is no official version of GO VPN For Windows & GO VPN For Mac. Not to worry, we will tell you with a simple way to download & install GO VPN For PC on Windows & Mac. Though, to download GO VPN For Windows PC or iMac, users need to install an Android Emulator on PC. Such software is developed with a solemn purpose, to allow users to access Android apps on PC. There are plenty of emulators available in the market, most of the famous Emulators are BlueStacks| NoxPlayerMemu. Download & install one Emulator and then follow the provided steps below to download GO VPN For PC.

GO VPN For Windows


  • After you have installed an Emulator, run it on your computer and follow the startup instructions until you see its main interface.
  • Now from home screen, locate & open Google Play Store.
  • Open GO VPN in the Play Store & press Enter button.
  • Click once on the install button and wait a while.
  • In a couple of depending upon the speed of the connected internet, GO VPN For PC will be installed successfully.
  • After GO VPN For Windows & Mac is installed, you will be able to access it from the home interface of the installed emulator.

Thanks, that’s all for now.

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