Download Zenmate for PC, Windows 10/8/7

Two VPN tools are evergreen and they are ruling over all major operating systems. Names are Hotspot Shield, Zenmate. These are famous because they were the first one to introduced the concept of VPN. Due to this application software world got rid of proxies and fake unblocking websites. These both tools became famous when Youtube was blocked in many Asian countries. For the years, the Zenmate is continuing its legacy and this tool is still considered as the best VPN for Windows. For the new VPN users, we brought this tool again. First, we will discuss Zenmate features than we will demonstrate guide to Download Zenmate for PC.

No Compromise on Privacy!
First, we will acknowledge you about what Zenmate is famous for. Zenmate has very strict rules regarding users privacy. Absolutely no compromise on users privacy, even not in case of free version users. They have a simple rule that our business is our business. Most of us are logged-in in our mobile browser. Every internet activity we perform on the browser is recorded by different national and international agencies. That’s totally against our privacy. Senate stops all the sources from tracing what we are doing. Not just a tool but also our privacy protector.
Security is the most important!
The second thing is security which is the most sensitive matter on the internet. Zenmate has adopted some strong measurements to ensure maximum security. Now almost laptop and PC users have saved passwords on browser even some have also saved credit card details also. So users security must be on priority and Zenmate understands it completely.
Break the regional internet prohibitions!
Third and the main reason behind VPN usage. It is a common matter in all countries each and everyone has blocked specific content in their region. Either the content is blocked on request of private organizations or government found it unfavorable for the general public. No matter what the reason is but its totally against internet freedom. The content which is geographically restricted can be unblocked through Zenmate. It connects you with random or selected country server.

Note: The content which is removed globally can’t be accessed from any location. VPN is not unblocking tool it is just a location changer with security and privacy measurements.

Zenmate for PC


Zenmate Review

It is better to try app suggested by VPN expert than trying a lame duck of market. Zenmate itself is a big brand in a VPN, they can afford to spoil their own reputation. Maintaining their level of service for years that why this VPN became credible. All top VPN enthusiasts and rankers have ranked this app is top ten VPN apps of all time. Every good thing never comes for free the same goes for the Zenmate. You have only seven days to test the Zenmate for further using you have to reduce your pocket burden.

How to Install Zenmate for PC:

There are different ways by which you can Install Zenmate for PC. It is already available officially on Windows. We don’t require Android emulator or any third party installer as such unless the user wants it. Now let see what are the various methods by which you can Install and use Zenmate for PC.

First method: Install Zenmate for PC from VPN for India:

We have prepared a download Zenmate for PC button for our viewers. People get confused on Zenmate official website. Users don’t understand either they should click on Get Zenmate VPN or on start free 7 days trial link. We have Zenmate for Windows version on our Google Drive, click on below button to download it.

  1. Download Zenmate from button.
  2. Run the Zenmate_Setup.exe file, Allow the software to make changes in your computer.
  3. Open the Zenmate app from desktop and get connected with the desired location.

Second Method: Install and use Zenmate App through Chrome Extention:

Zenmate for Chrome is also available. Infact if you want to use Zenmate only on Google Chrome then this option is best. Zenmate extension is launched for Google Chrome many times ago. Its pretty simple to install and use. Visit Chrome web store to get Zenmate for chrome or click on the below button. It will directly take you the installation page so you dont need to search for Zenmate manually.

Third Method: Install through Official Website:

The most efficient way to install Zenmate for PC from the official website. Through this method, you can also see the Zenmate for Windows pricing.

  1. Visit the URL “”.
  2. Click on the Free Trial version and it will start downloading the setup.exe file automatically. Don’t click on the Get Zenmate VPN button it is for those users who paid for subscription.

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