Download VPN Shield for PC, Windows 7/8/10

Adding another brilliant tool to our VPN for PC series. VPN for India never failed to pick the authentic product. VPN shield is the self-tested and recommended app by us and many other VPN experts. First of all, we want to clarify a confusion VPN shield is totally different from Hotspot Shield VPN. Even search engines failed to recognize the app name properly. On searching VPN shield for PC, Google and other browsers mostly refer you to Hotspot Shield VPN for PC or Hotspot VPN for PC. So to finish this difficulty we will guide users on how to Download VPN Shield for PC official version. Before proceeding to the main guide it’s better to watch VPN Shield highlights.

It is obvious that VPN must have to unblock feature and we all know about it. There are some features which are mostly ignored by average mind users. Uninterrupted privacy is the need of every internet users. We don’t link interruption in our privacy in real life than why we should bear it on the internet. VPN shield security and privacy measures are really appreciable. Have a look at other features of VPN Shield.

  • Secure networks and device on using public hotspots and WiFis. Especially in hotels, motels, cafes restaurants, and public trains and it prevents cybercriminals from accessing our data.
  • This VPN is paid but rates of subscriptions are reasonable. Anyone can easily afford such cheap subscriptions.
  • Unblock Social Media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube in UAE and China.
  • Unblock VOIP such as WhatsApp, Imo, Skype, Viber, etc in UAE and China.

VPN Shield for PC

Install through Official Website:

The most efficient way to install VPN Shield for PC from the official website. Through this method, you can also see the VPN Shield for Windows pricing.

  1. Visit the URL “”.
  2. Click on the Windows and it will take you to the Microsoft store.
  3. Install VPN shield for PC from Windows store.

How to Download VPN Shield for PC:

We can download VPN Shield on Windows 10 and previous version indirectly. In order to accomplish this task, we are required assistance of software known as Android emulator. There are many best Android emulators for Windows available on the internet. We are picking BlueStacks due to its speed, stability and work efficiency.

Download BlueStacks from the above button. It is the latest version of BlueStacks present on Google Drive. File Size is above 300 MB so of course, you need to show patience for a few minutes.

Next step is the installation of BlueStacks like any other software for Windows. Click on the downloaded setup file. Now click on Run option and allow the software to make changes in your computer.

Once BlueStacks installed, open the emulator. Select suitable Language. Connect the WiFi with an emulator to complete further things.

Enter Google Account (ID & Password) which is already in use. If someone doesn’t own any Google Account click on Create New Account option present just below forum.

BlueStacks Home Screen will appear now. Click on the My Apps option present at the top left. At the next step, click on System Apps and open Google Play app here.

• Search for the VPN Shield on Google Play and install it. Remember this HotSpot VPN is developed by HotspotVPN 2019.

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