Download Transocks VPN for PC – Windows 10, Mac

Transocks VPN for PCWelcome to the guide on how to download and install Transocks VPN for PC. Today we will tell you how to use Transocks on Windows and Mac OS. By using Android Emulators you can easily run this app on your Windows and Mac OS. But before we move towards the guide lets know something more about the application.

What Does Transocks VPN Do?

Many Chinese applications and websites are not accessible in certain areas. It means overseas Chinese can’t use their favorite Chinese services on their simple web browser. But what if it tells you that now you can. With the help of Transocks VPN app, you can easily do it. Now you can access services such as QQ Music. YouKu, Baidu Music, Sina Live, PPTV and much more easily.

Special VPN App

Transocks is different from other VPN apps. It redirects TCP from SOCKS5 servers. All of these workings are done secretly. Moreover, it also supports IPV4 and IPV6 This is done transparently. But the main feature of this app is to unblock services that only used in China. Other than Chinese services it also works as a normal VPN app. You can access websites and apps that are banned in your country. The best thing about this app is that it provides unlimited bandwidth with a Fast Speed VPN connection.

Transocks VPN for PC

Transocks VPN Safe or Not?

Some people are not sure about this VPN app. They think that this app is not secure and safe to use. If you have a question like this in your mind as well then you must immediately delete it. Transocks VPN is highly secure and 100 percent safe to use. You can use this app on any WiFi connection. This application also secures connection when your device is connected to free Public WiFi Hotspots. Your device is always on the threat when it is connected to Public WiFi. But with this app, you can secure your device and prevent an attack from hackers.

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How to Download Transocks VPN for PC Windows & Mac OS

There are two ways through which you can get Transocks VPN for PC Windows and Mac OS. One is through Android Emulators and other is through Google Chrome Extension Arc Welder. We suggest Android Emulator in order to download Transocks VPN for PC. Arc Welder method is a little bit complicated. Moreover, the good news is that Android Emulators are available on both Mac and Windows. It means you can download Transocks VPN for Windows and Transocks VPN for Mac as well. Follow the instructions given below.

Transocks VPN for Windows 10/8/7

Transocks VPN for PC

  • Install Android Emulator BlueStacks on PC. (Download Link)
  • Once installed, Setup BlueStacks by setting Language, Date & Time, Connect Wifi and Enter Gmail Credentials.
  • After that, you will see the main home page of BlueStacks Emulator.
  • From the homepage click on My Apps Tab, Open System Apps, and Select Google Play.
  • Now search Transocks VPN in PlayStore.
  • Select the app and click on the install button to begin the process.

After it gets installed, Click the open button and run services of Transocks VPN on Windows 10/8/7.

Transocks VPN for Mac OS

Transocks VPN for PC

  • Install Nox App Player on Mac. (Download Link)
  • After it gets installed, Open it.
  • Now you will see its main homepage.
  • Click on Google Folder, Select PlayStore.
  • Enter Gmail Credentials to activate PlayStore Services.
  • Once done, Search Transocks VPN and select the app.
  • Click the Install button and Accept Installation.

Once it gets installed, Click on Open option to use Transcoks VPN on Mac. You can BlueStacks as well, but Nox App Player gives better results on Mac devices.

Transocks VPN


Transocks is one of the best and a free service for people who love to watch Chinese content from different countries. It means you can use services like Youku, QQ Music, Singing Bar, Netease Cloud Music, etc from any part of the world. Moreover, it also provides services of Virtual Private Network. With this app, users can access all geo-restricted or blocked websites and apps easily.

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