Download HS VPN for PC, Windows 10/8/7 & Mac

Today we are bringing an iOS VPN on Windows system. HS VPN is highly popular among iOS users and users have given a good response on it. This VPN is not for free, users have to pay enough amount to use it. Let us tell about HS VPN services, Pros and Cons, subscription plans, and charges. In the end, we have prepared a step by step guide to download HS VPN for PC. Remember, it is no available on Windows and Mac by default.

HS VPN is a highly recommended tool for iOS and iPad users. This app is capable of becoming an honorable custodian of your internet privacy. Cybercrime is a common problem in every region of this planet. The number of crimes is increased, infact near to danger limit. A single IP tracing, information-stealing can cause you unbearable damage. If any iPhone user avoids the trouble than connect with HS VPN. It will prevent all the mischievous sources from stealing data or tracing users IP.

HS VPN primary focus is on Privacy, unblocking is secondary. It overcomes all geo-restrictions and censorships of websites and apps which are not accessible in your region. May you noticed this warning page while you try to access the blocked platforms.

I received this notice while trying to open, this china search engine is recently blocked in our region.

If you are facing the same issue then download HS VPN for PC. Open any website or app you want. Maybe the SnapChat will not support the VPN connection.

HS VPN Pros:

  1. Strongest Privacy which you have never experienced before.
  2. Hulk alike strong encryption for the protection of saved passwords, credit cards, etc.
  3. Speedy unblocking of websites and apps.
  4. Best for Netflix, Crackle, Hooq, Kodi, Tubi TV, Hotstar and other media streamers.
  5. Boost loading and streaming speed of the video.
  6. Bypass School, college, universities, professional organization’s firewalls without letting administrator know.
  7. Different subscription plans for users ease, purchase that one which pocket allows you.
  8. 3 Days Free trial period.

Negative points of HS VPN:

There is always a dark side of every technological product, HS VPN also have. Here are some drawbacks which may stop users from downloading HS VPN for PC.

  • Subscriptions are very expensive even more than NordVPN for PC and ExpressVPN for PC.
  • 3 days trial period is not enough, at least it should be for one week.
  • Subscription automatically renews.
  • Not affordable for the students.

That what HS VPN is all about. Now we are moving towards a guide to download HS VPN for Windows PC and Mac. Follow the steps to accomplish this task.

Price of subscription
one week one month  six months one year
9.99 dollars 39.99 dollars 79.99 dollars 129.99 dollars

Downloading HS VPN for PC:

In all our recent tutorials, we were downloading Android apps on PC through Android emulator. This time we need an iOS Emulator. There are only a few iOS emulators which perfectly on Windows and iPadian is top of all. The procedure or downloading and using iPadian on PC is not so much different from Android emulators case. A major change is you have to enter Apple ID instead of Google Account here. iPadian is not free, you have to pay for using it.

Rest of the procedure for configuration is the same. If you need help then visit our recent post DotVPN for PC. Or feel free to ask us about procedure complication through the comment box. You can also take help through our contact us page.

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