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Atom VPN for PCWhy VPNs apps are so popular nowadays? Actually, there are two main reasons why VPN apps are used regularly by users. One, it changes the IP address of the device and second, it provides security and privacy. If you are looking for a best VPN app for your device then try Atom VPN. It is available for free on Android devices. Just like Android device now you can also use Atom VPN on PC for free. Today in this guide we will tell you how to download Atom VPN for PC Windows and Mac OS. But first, let’s have some more info about the app.

Changes IP Address

This VPN changes the IP address of the device and connect your device with a proxy location. For Example, if you are in China and something is banned to use in China. The only way to open and access it is through a VPN. Atom VPN changes the location from China to India so that you can easily access your favorite content on the internet. Not just webpages, in fact, you can open blocked country apps as well. Atom VPN comes with a lot of proxy servers. By default, it connects VPN with best available proxy. But you can select the proxy location of your choice as well.

Privacy and Security

Some people use a VPN for privacy and security purpose. They dont wont to share any information with Internet Service Providers. As VPN changes the Actual IP location to the proxy server so internet service providers cannot trace your online activities. Moreover, Atom VPN prevents all kinds of attack from hackers. Your data remain private and secure. The best thing about Atom VPN is that it secures Public Hotspots as well. It is very easy to hack data when your device is connected to Public WiFi. But with Atom VPN you can also secure free Public Hotspots.

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How to Download Atom VPN for PC (Windows & Mac)

With the help of Android Emulators, you can download Atom VPN for Windows 10, Atom VPN for Windows 8, and Atom VPN for Windows 7. Android Emulators are available for Mac devices as well so it means you can download Atom VPN for Mac as well. If you are interested to install Atom VPN for PC system then you need to follow the instructions given below.

Atom VPN for PC

Install Atom VPN for Windows 10, 8, 7

  • Download and Install Nox App Player (Android Emulator) on Windows PC.
  • After installing the Player on PC. Open it.
  • Doing this you will see the main screen of Nox Player. It is the same as an Android device.
  • From home screen click on Google Folder and then select PlayStore.
  • Enter your Google Account.
  • Now you will see PlayStore on PC just like an Android device.
  • Here search for the app and install it on PC.

This is how you can install Atom VPN for Windows Devices.

Install Atom VPN for Mac OS

  • Download and Install BlueStacks App Player (Android Emulator) on Mac.
  • Once installed, Open the Player on PC.
  • Enter details such as Language, Date & Time, WiFi and Google Account to set up BlueStacks.
  • Doing this you will see the main page of BlueStacks.
  • From the main page click on My Apps Tab > System Apps and Select PlayStore.
  • Now search for Atom VPN on PlayStore.
  • Select the app and click on the Install button.

This is how you can install Atom VPN for Mac Devices.

Atom VPN for PC Review


Atom VPN is one of the best and a free Virtual Private Network app which allows users to unblock apps and websites that are blocked in their countries. Atom VPN changes the IP address of the device and connects with the proxy location. It also provides security towards Public Connection. All of your internet searches remain private from hackers. Use it anytime or anywhere you want to.

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