Download Brave Browser for PC, Windows (Built-in VPN)

We are adding a new browser with built-in VPN in the VPN for India series. We download separate VPN apps, plugins, add-ons, etc to get the best VPN for Browsers. There are some browsers apps which don’t need the companionship of VPN apps to bypass internet restrictions. Today, just for changing taste we are here with a brave browser. It is an extraordinary browser app with built-in VPN and adblocker for free. This browser supports multiple operating systems Android, iOS, Windows. Also available at Amazon but that version is paid and only useful for professional usage.

Brave Browser is a good third-party browser app. Not much popular like Google Chrome, Mozilla or Opera but still a good choice for Android and Windows users. Some features are those which are the exception, even the aforementioned browsers don’t offer those. Let see how Brave Browser is distinguished from others.

Brave Brower for PC

Built-in VPN:

Opera mini also offers this feature but Brave Browsers is slightly strong in VPN feature. You don’t need to download a separate VPN app for Brave Browser on PC. Bypass all geographical restrictions and sponsorships directly from the browser. Just enable the VPN from settings and that’s it. Stream the movies, shows or whatever you want. Still, if someone wants to connect a VPN app with brave then try NordVPN for PC, ExpressVPN for PC, Cyberghost VPN for PC or IP Vanish for PC. These VPN apps are already available on Windows so it will be easy to use Brave Browser for PC with them.

Built-in Ad Blocker:

Undoubtfully ads and pop-ups are the most irritating things on the internet. Surely Publishers including us will disagree with our statement as ads are their source of income. Normal viewers don’t like ads especially the ones who appear in a new tab after clicking. To finish users irritation, Brave Browser has introduced a built-in ad blocker. Enable the ad blocker and get rid of ads and pop-ups. This feature is included in both Brave Browser PC and Android version.

Other Features:

  • It Saves data & battery from excessive consumption
  • Bookmarks are easy to synchronized and save on Account.
  • HTTPS Everywhere, secure surfing on sites without SSL.
  • History is clearable; clear the browsing history if you want.
  • Incognito mode for private browsing.

How to Download Brave Browser for PC:


Brave Browser for PC Review

We don’t need to adopt Android emulators method to install Brave Browser for PC. Emulators are required only for those Android apps and games whom PC version is not made. Brave Browser is good for those who want to try new engines other than Google, Mozilla, etc. Free Adblock, VPN, popup blocker what do you want more from a browser? A gold brick!. This app is so light in file size. So, even if you have a low internet connection still, you are able to download it easily in few minutes.

How to Install Brave Browser for PC:

There are different ways by which you can Install Brave Browser for PC. It is already available officially on Windows. We don’t require Android emulator or any third party installer as such unless the user wants it. Now let see what are the various methods by which you can Install and use Brave Browser for PC.

First Method: Install Brave Browser for PC from VPN for India:

We have prepared a download Brave Browser for PC button for our viewers. This version of Brave Browser for Windows is present on our Drive, click on below button to download it.

  1. Download Brave Browser from button.
  2. Run the Brave Browser_Setup.exe file, Allow the software to make changes in your computer.
  3. Open the Brave Browser app from desktop and get connected with the desired location.

Second Method: Install through Official Website:

The most efficient way to install Brave Browser for PC from the official website. Through this method, you can also see the Brave Browser for Windows pricing.

  1. Visit the URL “”.
  2. Click on the Download Brave button and it will start downloading the setup.exe file automatically.
  3. After it follows the 2nd 3rd steps of the first method.

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