Avira Phantom VPN For PC (Windows & Mac)

No matter how hard you try, your ISP agents will always find a way to watch your online activities. But now thanks to apps like Avira Phantom VPN, users can easily become anonymous as well as get a fake IP to surf the internet. Likewise, this amazing internet facility also helps users to bypass local network restrictions. Though, in this guide, I will tell you about the basic ways to download & install Avira Phantom VPN For PC on Windows & Mac.

Is Avira Phantom VPN Safe?

Oh yes, just like Express VPN, Nord VPN & IP Vanish, Avira Phantom VPN For PC is the safest VPN in the market. The first thing which makes it safer is its ability to encrypt all your online activities step by steps with encryption of AES-256 bit. Not just that but when you are performing your confidential activities over the internet, the KillSwitch feature helps you stay protected 24/7. Even when your internet or VPN connection gets disconnected, your IP address is not shown to any online users.

Avira Phantom VPN For PC

Is Avira Phantom VPN Free?

As a matter of fact, Avira Phantom VPN is not totally free. They do allow free users to access all the proxy servers but do not provide unlimited bandwidth. The free users are provided with 500MB/month, which is kind of less if you are looking for the free unlimited VPN for Windows. Furtherly, they do also provide a 7-day trial for the newbies, that is something you get to compare with the free unlimited VPN for Windows PC & iMac.

Does Avira Allow Torrenting & Netflix?

Most of the proxy servers available in Avira Phantom VPN For PC allow you to access Netflix. This way, users get to have a better variety of media content and even get to download them. Likely, the torrenting facility is available for every IP address. But it’s obvious that if you are a free user, you do not get to download much of the online stuff.

Which is The Best Free VPN For PC?

Following are the best free VPN For Windows PC & MacBook:

Full Guide – Download & Install Avira Phantom VPN For PC & Laptop

Basically, there are two different methods to download & install Avira Phantom VPN For PC. The first one and the recommended one is with the help of Android Emulators. Because this way you get to have all the VPN deals cheaply. As by installing Avira Phantom VPN For Windows PC & iMac from the official website, it’s just straight forward but nothing special. So without any further delay, let us take you to the guide to install Avira Phantom VPN For PC.

Avira Phantom VPN For Windows

Downloading Avira Phantom VPN For PC Through Android Emulators

  • Download & Install an Android Emulator from the provided links. (BlueStacksNoxPlayerMemu)
  • When install, run the emulator and follow the startup instructions.
  • Now from the home screen of this program, locate & open Google Play Store.
  • Access Avira Phantom VPN inside the Play Store.
  • Click on the install button and wait a while.
  • After the successful installation of Avira Phantom VPN For PC, you will be to access it from its icon appearing on the desktop.

Installing Avira Phantom VPN For PC Officially

  • Visit https://www.avira.com/en/avira-phantom-vpn to start installing Avira Phantom VPN For PC officially.
  • Download the .exe file and after that, install it.
  • When it is installed, choose your payment plan or decided to use it for free.
  • Click once on the connect button and start enjoying your online freedom.

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Avira Phantom VPN is good for every internet user. This VPN facility focuses on hiding a user’s IP address from online predators. People who want to blackmail others with delivering malware like Ransomware. Fortunately, the application is available for both premium & free users. However, it does not matter which device you have, if you surf the internet, you need to get this application instantly.

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