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Hik connect is the surveillance app developed by Hik Vision, a big name is CCTV camera manufacturing. The app is made to ensure the CCTV footages monitoring 24/7. We can’t keep sitting infront of Monitors in office or home. We require a source which can give On the Go coverage and that’s for what Hik Connect is made for. Our main topic is to acknowledge users how to download and use Hik Connect for PC. It’s better to look at Hik connect features first before navigating towards guide directly. So that user comes to know what expectations they can attach with Hik connect on Laptop/Desktop.

Hik Connect services:

Hik Connect app is packed with advanced features. It is compatible with all the latest model cams. It’s the time where every second surveillance app is giving night vision, we can find this feature in Hik Connect too. It supports motion sensors which notify users on detection of any movement. This app lets users monitor the videos clearly even at night times thanks to its awesome night vision. If your cameras have sound attachments then Hik Connect will let you do the 2-way communication also.

Hik Connect for PC

Surveillance tool with free cloud storage:

Only a Few apps are offering free cloud storage to all cam users Hik Connect is one of them. This facility is for those people who are using Hik Vision cameras. Recorded videos will not consume any space in mobile internal storage. Videos recorded are saved in cloud storage are temporary. This feature is only for those users who are using Hik Vision Cameras only. Users using other brand cameras will not get Cloud Storage. Set the time duration first and after that time the videos will be removed from storage. If users want to keep videos save forever, contact customer support. Maybe they can extend your cloud storage limit. By the way, using Google Drive instead of cloud storage is also a considerable option. Laptop and Desktop users can save videos on Cloud storage if they download Hik Connect for PC.

Hik connects for pc online:

The purpose of developing Hik Connect was to give On the go service to HIK Vision clients. That’s why this app is only on smartphones till now. Developers didn’t design this app for PCs Laptops & Desktops. People who are habitual to laptop demands Hik Connect for PC. It is impossible to get this app directly on PC but it is possible indirectly. People Who want Hik Connect on Laptop or Hik Connect for PC online must try an app installer for Windows.

Installing Hik Connect for PC (Windows)

  1. Download BlueStacks Emulator from this button. Download BlueStacks Download BlueStacks
  2. Extract BlueStacks Emulator software on PC by runing setup.exe file.
  3. After extraction, the BlueStacks Startup pack will appear.
  4. Click on the Install button to start the installation.
  5. Once installation gets completed, click on Complete button.
  6. Select Language, Enter Google Account (Existed).
  7. Go to My Apps, open Google Play search for Hik Connect and install it.

Install Hik Connect for PC without BlueStacks:

  1. Download Nox App Player. Download Nox Download Nox
  2. Install Nox offline installer on PC.
  3. Launch Nox on PC.
  4. WiFi connection, Selecting Language these things are must be done for using Nox App Player.
  5. Go to My Apps on Nox. Click on the Google Play icon.
  6. Enter Google account (only required at time of the first app installing).
  7. Search for the Hik Connect and install it.

Check How to use Hik-Connect service on iVMS 4200 in below video.

How to Use Hik Connect for PC online:

Using Hik Connect for PC online is very easy now, thanks to The Manymo is the first Android emulator which is launched for the web. Now users don’t need to download heavy Android emulators which take GBs of space and make RAM. Now Manymo is enough for you to use Hik Connect on Laptop.

  • Visit website on your PC Browser.  Visit Manymo Visit Manymo
  • Create an account on Manymo to proceed further.
  • Now Manymo will give you 2 options
  • Launch with URL.
  • Launch with an App.
  • Select launch with URL and add the Google Play Link of Hik Connect to it.
  • Click on Install button and wait for completion.

Hik Connect Review

Hik Connect is totally free from downloading to using. Non a single feature show paywall here. Hik Connect app is popular due to a big name attached to it. This app is a choice of 5 million+ users pproxoimately. I am talking about Android just, iOS users are separate. A large number of people are using Hik Connect for PC because they believe on a bigger screen and better monitoring. If anyone is intending to use cameras at home or office than use Hik Vision cams on our suggestion.

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