Download ProtonVPN for PC, Windows 10/8/7 & Mac OS.

Not just swiss watches are awesome they produce good VPNs too. ProtonVPN is one of the strongest virtual private networks with high-level encryptions. This tool is available on many devices and compatible with 4 of the most in-use operating systems.

Every good thing never comes for free and ProtonVPN is a little bit expensive as compare to other VPN apps. The reason is ProtonVPN is a highly reputed tool and believe in the best quality services to make clients permanent. The encryption is on the next level. It is the especially of this VPN developer (Creators of Proton Mail). This tutorial includes discussion on ProtonVPN services, features, and pricing. In the end, we will you how to download ProtonVPN for PC through different ways.

Tor Support:

Average internet user doesn’t know about the reason behind Tor fame. ProtonVPN is famous for accessing the “.onion” indexed websites. It is an internet world known as the depth of web which can’t be directly accessed. ProtonVPN lets users access the deepest part of the internet where crimes are ruling. Download ProtonVPN for Windows Laptop and access Tor whenever you want.

Important tip: Tor Browser has its own proxies which are a combination of 4 servers. Means if you connect ProtonVPN with Tor Browser servers sums upto 5. This connection will create the most secure tunnel for you. As there are unforgivable restrictions and punishments on Dark Web and deep web, so users need to be careful. Secondly, it’s better to use Tor Browser on Laptop and you can download ProtonVPN for PC to secure Tor activities.

Important Note: We don’t have any affiliation with any of the Dark/Deep Web platforms. This tutorial is purely made for informational purpose. Never violate the cyber laws of the country. Our main concern is just to guide users installation of ProtonVPN for PC. That’s all!

ProtonVPN for PC

Servers and Pricing:

ProtonVPN contains selective but fastest servers. Servers quantity varies according to the package. As you upgrade towards premium subscriptions ProtonVPN will add more servers in your list. See how much money you have to spend and how many countries you will get in it. Prices are the same for Proton VPN on PC and Android both.

ProtonVPN Pricing
0$ $4/month $8/month $24/month
Refund must be claimed within 30 days

The free package includes servers access in 3 countries and can be used on one device only.

Basic Plan includes servers of more than 25 countries and each account can be used on 2 devices.

Plus Plan is for professionals running a small online business. It includes servers of more than 25 countries. Users will get

Secure file sharing (P2P), Secure Core, Secure Streaming, and one-click Tor support in it. Each account is useable on 5 devices maximum.

The visionary plan is suitable for organizations which want to keep their data private. It is the flagship of ProtonVPN contains servers of 25+ countries. Each account is useable on 10 devices maximum. This package includes.

Secure file sharing (P2P), Secure Core, Secure Streaming, and one-click Tor support ProtonMail Visionary account included.

If users want to claim refund they have to claim it in 30 days after purchasing. ProtonVPN accountant will make an estimate of payable after deducting the used service charges. The money will be transferred in your account which you used at the time of paying.

Best VPN for Tor Browser (.onion sites)?

Now people are aware of VPN true value. Now they don’t just use VPN for streaming 21 plus videos but also for enfastening Browsing speed. Recently we saw people asking for the best VPN for Tor. So for their acknowledgment, we came here with best 5 VPNs for Tor Browser.

1) NordVPN for PC. 2) IPVanish VPN for PC. 3) CyberghostVPN For PC. 4) ProtonVPN for PC.

How to Download and Install ProtonVPN for PC:

The most efficient way to install ProtonVPN for PC from the official website. Through this method, you can also see ProtonVPN for Windows pricing.

  1. Visit the URL “”.
  2. Click on the Download for Windows button to download Proton VPN for PC directly.
  3. Once the downloading is complete click on the downloaded file (ProtonVPN_win_v1.8.1.exe).
  4. Click on the Run option to start extraction.
  5. Allow the computer to make changes for completing the installation procedure.

Install ProtonVPN for PC from

Install ProtonVPN from We have especially prepared a download button for our viewers. By clicking on this button users can download ProtonVPN for Windows latest version. It is a complete ProtonVPN_win_v1.8.1.exe file present at our cloud storage. Download ProtonVPN for PC from there.

Download ProtonVPN for PC using emulator:

  1. Download Bluestacks from the provided link.
  2. Install BlueStacks offline installer on PC, just like you install any software for Windows.
  3. Launch BlueStacks on PC.
  4. WiFi connection, Selecting Language, Enter Google account. These things are must be done for using BlueStacks.
  5. Go to My Apps on BlueStacks. Click on the Google Play icon.
  6. Search for the ProtonVPN and install it.

ProtonVPN Review

We have personally used ProtonVPN and we find its services as awesome as NordVPN gives. ProtonVPN most liked thing is its plans variety. Means a person who just wants to unblock site or apps simple, the free plan is enough for him. While people running large setup will go for Plus or Visionary maybe. We have mentioned all the noteworthy features of ProtonVPN. Now the choice is yours either you go for it or go for another. On our suggestion atleast try this app for a time because it worths.

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